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Bait Barrier Plan

Fight termites on two fronts with the Terminix Bait Barrier Plan. It’s a combination of an advanced baiting system and annual inspections to ensure that you are never hit with the costs of a termite disaster as long as you keep your plan. Guaranteed.

How the Bait Barrier Plan works

  1. Terminix performs a FREE Termite Inspection to determine if your home is free of subterranean termites and eligible for the Bait Barrier Plan.
  2. Our trained specialists strategically install a series of termite bait stations in the ground around your home.
  3. The bait stations are discovered by foraging termites near your home.
  4. Once termites have fed on the bait, they carry the control agent back to the colony nests and share it with other termites.
  5. Each station is specially designed to hold more termite control agent than many other termite bait systems, resulting in fast, effective control.
  6. For as long as you keep your plan, annual monitoring will continue to protect your home against new subterranean and Formosan termite activity.
Bait Barrier Plan pricing is based on the linear footage of the exterior of your home.

Bait Barrier Plan

Plan includes:

  • FREE inspection performed by a trained specialist
  • Strategically installed bait stations
  • Annual monitoring for as long as you keep your plan
  • The Terminix Ultimate Protection® Guarantee

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It’s backed by the strongest guarantee in the business:

  • Never pay for future termite treatments or damage repairs as long as you keep your plan.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back*.