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Terminix Insulation Service

Our attic insulation service complements our pest and termite plans by helping to control 11 types of pests on contact. Our insulation is made from 87% recycled natural fibers. It reduces mold and mildew, is flame retardant and reduces noise. Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

How Terminix Insulation Service works:

  1. A Terminix specialist will conduct a FREE attic insulation evaluation.
  2. Terminix Insulation Service will fill gaps in deteriorating insulation by installing a measurably more efficient cellulose insulation on top of your existing insulation or directly between attic joists and wall studs.
  3. The insulation is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Terminix Insulation Service

Services include:

  • A FREE home insulation evaluation
  • Trouble-free installation, getting you the maximum possible efficiency and protection

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