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Crawl space vapor barriers from Terminix

Over the years, our technicians have closely inspected crawl spaces for termites and pests. And while in those areas, we’ve learned that conditions conducive to pests and termites—like moisture and humidity—can often cause other problems for your home.

Vapor Barriers: Moisture naturally builds up in the crawl space and can cause damage to the wood in your home’s substructure through condensation. Vapor Barriers are applied directly to the soil to prevent moisture and ground water from condensing on wood, which can result in wood rot and other moisture-related issues.

  • Impervious to water vapor
  • Backed by a lifetime product warranty
  • Recommended by the Building Research Advisory Board

Other Terminix crawl space and ventilation services

Temp-Vent: This system opens and closes your vents automatically according to the weather, keeping your crawl space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which can help increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce moisture.

  • Helps protect pipes
  • Backed by a lifetime product warranty

Temp-Vent is a product of Temp-Vent, a Gibraltar Industries Company.

Floor Supports: Your home’s standard floor supports can deteriorate or break over time because of improper water drainage, heat changes, moisture build-up or even termites. Our heavy-duty Floor Support System can provide added support to correct these issues.

  • Trouble-free installation
  • Backed by a lifetime product warranty
  • Fully approved under existing building codes

Crawl space vapor barriers from Terminix

Services include:

  • FREE crawl space moisture level inspection
  • Professional installation of barriers directly to the soil in your crawl space
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