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Pest Control

Terminix offers simple steps you can take to help manage ants and cockroaches, two of the most common pests you'll encounter in your home. Terminix trained technicians can help you proactively manage pests in your home or implement pest control to treat an infestation and deter pests from returning.

Ant Control | Ants Pest Control | Terminix

Ridding your home of ants can be an exercise in frustration. The key to ant control is identifying the type of ant that's invading your property and what type of treatment is necessary. Pest control methods for black ants or carpenter ants differ from fire ant control methods. Fire ant control can be extremely difficult, as eliminating these ants from your property does not eliminate them from your neighborhood; they may very well return to your yard and home. Argentine ant control can be even more challenging due to the multiple sub-colonies found throughout a neighborhood. If you have found ants in or around your home or yard, contact the trained technicians at Terminix®. They have knowledge and experience with all types of ant control, from fire ant control to flying ant control and more.

Flying Ants | Flying Ant | Terminix

Many homeowners often mistake flying ants for winged termites. However, because termites can cause significant damage to your home, you don't want to make the mistake of thinking you are dealing with flying ants. And even if you know you are dealing with flying ants, it's hard to differentiate between the types, like with flying red ants and carpenter ants. If you cannot identify which of these insects is invading your home, call Terminix® today to schedule a FREE Termite Inspection. They can identify whether you have flying ants, termites, flying red ants or any other type of flying ant, and also recommend ways to treat your home effectively.

Spider Control | Home Spider Control | Terminix

House spiders can be a nuisance, as they cause a mess in and around your home. More importantly, dangerous spiders, such as the brown recluse and black widow, can pose a threat to your home and family. When it comes to spider control, it's important to know what type of spider you are dealing with to be able to treat your home effectively. Terminix® offers spider control services that help identify the type of spider invading your home and the best method for controlling them. Terminix trained technicians also provide tips and tricks for proper spider control and how to protect your home and family.


The Terminix Ultimate Protection® Guarantee is the strongest in the business. We’re committed to defending your home against pests and termites. Because it’s your house, not theirs. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

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