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Rodent Control

Terminix provides tips for rodent control. Taking these steps, along with working with the trained technicians at Terminix will get you well on your way to solving your rodent problem.

Pest Control

Terminix offers simple steps you can take to help manage ants and cockroaches, two of the most common pests you'll encounter in your home. Terminix trained technicians can help you proactively manage pests in your home or implement pest control to treat an infestation and deter pests from returning.


Terminix offers comprehensive termite and pest control options backed by the Terminix Ultimate Protection Guarantee—the strongest guarantee in the business—with 100% satisfaction or your money back. As soon as you sign on for a Terminix Termite Coverage Plan, your Ultimate Protection Guarantee takes effect and you are protected from paying for future termite treatments or damage repairs for as long as you keep your plan. With a Terminix Pest Control Plan, also backed by the Ultimate Protection Guarantee, Terminix will have a solution for you within 24 hours and make sure that the job is done right the first time. If not, Terminix will come back at no extra cost until you're satisfied.

Bed Bug Control

Terminix offers bed bug control and knows what bed bugs look like and how to determine if they're in your home. If you think you might have bed bugs, and you need bed bug control solutions, the trained technicians at Terminix employ a wide range of treatment methods including a proprietary solution called RapidFreeze, which is fast, effective and non-toxic.

Termite Control

Terminix offers termite control solutions that can protect your greatest investment, your home, against these destructive insects. Once a Terminix trained technician declares your home free of termites, you can get termite control with a Termite Protection Plan. If termites are found, once you're covered by a protection plan, you'll never have to pay for future treatments or damage repairs.

Termite Treatment

Terminix offers three types of termite treatment options so you can find the solution that is right for your home. With decades of experience in termite treatment, Terminix trained technicians act quickly to get rid of termites in the most effective way possible.

Roach Control | Terminix

Tales about the cockroach and its legendary durability have made many homeowners unsure of what roach control method is most effective. And although there are natural roach control methods, such as sealing cracks in the foundation and not leaving exposed food around the home, it is still difficult to rid your home of these invaders. And because there can be hundreds of cockroaches hidden behind walls, certain roach control methods, such as an over-the-counter roach killer, are rarely effective. If you have seen cockroaches in your home, contact Terminix® today. The trained technicians can help determine which roach control method is best for you.

Ant Control | Ants Pest Control | Terminix

Ridding your home of ants can be an exercise in frustration. The key to ant control is identifying the type of ant that's invading your property and what type of treatment is necessary. Pest control methods for black ants or carpenter ants differ from fire ant control methods. Fire ant control can be extremely difficult, as eliminating these ants from your property does not eliminate them from your neighborhood; they may very well return to your yard and home. Argentine ant control can be even more challenging due to the multiple sub-colonies found throughout a neighborhood. If you have found ants in or around your home or yard, contact the trained technicians at Terminix®. They have knowledge and experience with all types of ant control, from fire ant control to flying ant control and more.

Termite Inspection | Terminix

Termites infest an average of 1 in 30 homes in the United States each year, posing a threat to one of your biggest investments as a homeowner. That's why Terminix® encourages you to take advantage of their FREE Termite Inspection. Terminix knows that a termite inspection cost can be a nuisance to any homeowner, which is why they offer this service. With the proper knowledge and expertise, a Terminix trained professional conducts a thorough termite inspection of your home, including the exterior foundation, crawlspace or basement, interior walls where termites may be living, and areas where the ground contacts wood. They inspect areas around your home as well, such as flowerbeds, decks and patios, and with no additional termite inspection cost. Don't let termites destroy your most valuable investment. Contact Terminix today for a FREE Termite Inspection.

Flying Ants | Flying Ant | Terminix

Many homeowners often mistake flying ants for winged termites. However, because termites can cause significant damage to your home, you don't want to make the mistake of thinking you are dealing with flying ants. And even if you know you are dealing with flying ants, it's hard to differentiate between the types, like with flying red ants and carpenter ants. If you cannot identify which of these insects is invading your home, call Terminix® today to schedule a FREE Termite Inspection. They can identify whether you have flying ants, termites, flying red ants or any other type of flying ant, and also recommend ways to treat your home effectively.

Mosquito Control | Terminix

When the weather is nice, friends and families want to enjoy sharing time in their backyards. However, with flying pests like mosquitoes, that can be difficult. Not only do homeowners seek home mosquito control to avoid those itchy bites and welts, but also because mosquitoes can potentially carry diseases. Putting screens on doors and windows is a way of natural mosquito control inside your home, but that will not ensure effective mosquito control outside the home. If you are experiencing mosquitoes around your home or yard, contact Terminix® today. They offer non-toxic, plant-based mosquito control products designed to keep those pesky mosquitoes away while you enjoy your deck, patio or yard. Contact them today to learn which mosquito control products are best suited for your needs.

Spider Control | Home Spider Control | Terminix

House spiders can be a nuisance, as they cause a mess in and around your home. More importantly, dangerous spiders, such as the brown recluse and black widow, can pose a threat to your home and family. When it comes to spider control, it's important to know what type of spider you are dealing with to be able to treat your home effectively. Terminix® offers spider control services that help identify the type of spider invading your home and the best method for controlling them. Terminix trained technicians also provide tips and tricks for proper spider control and how to protect your home and family.

Terminix ALLCLEAR® Mosquito Misters

Outdoor living areas have become a focal point of the home to entertain, play and relax. Container plants can be a great way to decorate an outdoor living space with a lot of hard surfaces. Enjoy your outdoor living space to its fullest with the combination of a great design and a mosquito-free environment. The Terminix® ALLCLEAR® line of misters and repellers are a great alternative to greasy sprays and lotions, and their all-natural ingredients are safe for the whole family when used as directed.

Terminix ALLCLEAR® Backyard Mosquito Mister

The backyard provides so many opportunities for enjoyment, from an intimate conversational space when entertaining, to a quiet place to read a book on a summer afternoon. Enjoy the space to the fullest by combining great design with a mosquito-free environment. With the Terminix® ALLCLEAR® Mister, you have protection against 95% of mosquitoes for hours and protection up to 2,000 sq. ft. The mister is a great, all-natural alternative to greasy sprays and lotions.

Terminix ALLCLEAR® Mosquito Mister Lantern

Adding casual seating with large cushions and weather-resistant fabrics is an easy way to warm up your outdoor living space and make it more comfortable for guests. Create a welcoming atmosphere by softening hard surfaces and maintaining an environment that is free of mosquitoes. The perfect touch to your outdoor design is the Terminix® ALLCLEAR® Lantern, a misting device perfect for your patio that protects your family from pesky mosquitoes.

Terminix ALLCLEAR® TableTop Mosquito Repeller

Your outdoor table is perhaps the easiest and most flexible canvas to create sunny design on your outdoor patio. Unique elements such as vases, decorative lanterns or candles can make your outdoor space more inviting. Mix and match with reflective surfaces, a growing trend in outdoor design. Make the finishing touch to your table design the Terminix® ALLCLEAR® TableTop Repeller. The small device provides protection from up to 95% of mosquitoes and is a great all-natural alternative to greasy sprays and lotions.

Terminix ALLCLEAR® SideKick Mosquito Repeller

A key component of backyard entertaining is the food, and outdoor cooking has come a long way since the advent of basic grill. The outdoor kitchen is one of the hottest trends in space planning now, and accessories play an important part. Simple decorative elements can stand to take your food presentation up a notch. Whether you are entertaining or simply relaxing, enjoy your backyard cooking to its fullest by clipping on the Terminix® ALLCLEAR® SideKick Repeller. The small device provides protection from up to 95% of mosquitoes and is a great all-natural alternative to greasy sprays and lotions.

Terminix ALLCLEAR® All-Natural Mosquito Repellers

Accessorizing is a big part of design for the outdoor areas of your home. Mixing and matching shapes, sizes, colors and materials of planters can add character to your outdoor space. Shiny-surface objects, like candleholders and glass vases, can brighten your patio or deck with a big punch for little cost. Make your outdoor entertainment area more inviting and keep it looking casual and comfortable with the Terminix® ALLCLEAR® line of all-natural misters and repellers. The products fit right in with any outdoor design, are proven to be effective and work to repel mosquitoes, providing protection for you and your guests.


The Terminix Ultimate Protection® Guarantee is the strongest in the business. We’re committed to defending your home against pests and termites. Because it’s your house, not theirs. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

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