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Best termite treatment for your home

on Thursday, May 09, 2013 by Terminix


Being proactive with the best termite control can protect your biggest investment: your home. However, if your home is already infested, it is critical to seek the best termite treatment available to ensure your home is treated effectively and efficiently. Termite infestations cost an average of $8,184^ in treatment and damage repair costs to homeowners every year, in which most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover. Before you can decide what the best termite treatment is for your home, you first must identify which type of termite infestation you have.

Termite types

In North America, there are two primary types of termites that affect homeowners:

  • Subterranean termites are the most common termite threat in the United States. As underground dwellers, they tunnel upward through the soil to infest the wooden frame of your home, often leaving mud tunnels on the surfaces through which they cannot tunnel (e.g. concrete and brick). Subterranean termites live in colonies that can house hundreds of thousands of termites, depending on the colony’s age and health. They work 24 hours a day from the inside out and are often difficult to detect since 80 percent of the wood they eat is hidden within the walls.
  • Drywood termites produce small bun-shaped pellets as excrement. This often accumulates on surfaces directly below infested areas. Evidence of activity can include small “pin holes” in the surface of the infested area and the droppings accumulating below. Winged termites, called swarmers, might also be observed. The adults swarm to reproduce and start new infestations in other areas of the structure. This usually occurs between early summer and late summer.

What is the best termite treatment?

Termite treatment is best left to the experts. Terminix® trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to properly safeguard your home against termites and ensure that treatment is applied safely to protect the health of your family and pets. Furthermore, these trained technicians generally use a combination of methods for termite removal, depending on the home and type of infestation. Terminix has been protecting homes like yours for more than 85 years, which is why they have the best termite treatment plans.

  • Terminix Bait Defend Systemsm. Termites exhibit continuous and random foraging behavior, so even when they have found a good source for food, they constantly look for more. With this termite treatment, trained technicians strategically install a series of termite bait stations in the ground around your home. When termites feed on the bait, they carry the control agent back to the colony nests and share it with other termites.
  • Terminix Liquid Defend® Systemsm. The product used in the Liquid Defend System is “non-repellent,” meaning it doesn’t kill the termites immediately. Rather, it works slowly so that the termites that come in contact with the agent can carry it to other termites throughout the rest of the colony. With this termite treatment, a trained technician creates a trench in soil areas and carefully drills through slab areas around the perimeter of your home, and then applies a highly effective liquid agent. The control agent is picked up by termites (on their bodies) as they forage through the treated soil and then transferred to other termites in the colony.
  • Terminix Tent Defend Systemsm. This drywood termite treatment consists of a complete home fumigation (sometimes called “Tenting.”) Tenting is an in-depth process that requires specialized tarps to be placed over your home. The tarps are joined together at rolled seams using heavy-duty clamps and weighted at the bottom to create a seal. Fumigant is dispersed, penetrating all wood timbers, trim, finished wood and furniture, as well as hard-to-treat wall studs, thereby eliminating drywood termites.

Some homeowners may be concerned about the initial termite treatment cost; however, if your home is infested it is important to eliminate the termites before they cause more damage. The experts at Terminix are trained to accurately inspect your home for termites and can determine the best termite treatment option for you. Plus, Terminix will come back to your home every year for as long as you keep your plan to determine if your home is still termite free and to provide ongoing protection.


With Terminix, you are covered by the Ultimate Protection® Guarantee—the strongest guarantee in the business. Only Terminix offers this type of protection, where you’ll never have to pay for future termite treatments or damage repairs for as long as you keep your plan. To learn more about how Terminix can treat and protect your home from termites, visit or call 1.866.766.7628 to schedule your FREE Termite Inspection.


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The Terminix Ultimate Protection® Guarantee is the strongest in the business. We’re committed to defending your home against pests and termites. Because it’s your house, not theirs. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

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