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Pest control | stop pests from invading your home

on Sunday, May 05, 2013 by Terminix

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If you’re a homeowner, pest control is an important part of protecting the health of your home. Pests of any kind are at best a nuisance, and at worst a threat to your home and family. Learning how to keep them from invading your home will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home and family are protected.

Tips for pest control

There are some effective and easy ways to help keep household pests from affecting your home.

  • Seal cracks in the exterior of your home to keep pests out
  • Properly fit doors and windows with screens and weather stripping, and use mesh screens on ventilation openings for attics and crawl spaces
  • Properly ventilate your attic to make it inhospitable to roaches and other pests. This can also help improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Never leave uncovered food sitting out, including pet food, as it can attract pests
  • Store clothing in plastic bags or pouches to protect it from pests that damage fabric
  • Keep debris from piling up around your house. Stones, bricks, and even firewood can serve as a haven for rodents and other pests

Tips for termite control

There are also other pest control tips specifically for termites that will help protect you against the damage they can cause.

  • Repair leaks quickly, to deprive termites of a water supply. As with most living things, termites generally cannot survive without water, so by fixing roof and plumbing leaks immediately you’ll make it harder for them to survive
  • Keep firewood and wood debris away from your house, and eliminate any wood-to-soil contact around your foundation
  • Make it harder for termites to enter your home through your siding by keeping mulch and soil away from it
  • Prevent easy access for drywood termites by sealing nail holes and cracks in exposed wood

While these tips are a great complement to professional pest control, they are not intended to replace the services of an expert. Your home is your biggest investment, and effectively protecting it requires the services of someone trained and knowledgeable, who has the right tools and expertise to keep household pests at bay. Whether you already have a problem, or you want to prevent problems from occurring, the experts at Terminix can help, with a FREE Pest Evaluation, customized pest control plan and Ultimate Protection Guarantee, the strongest guarantee in the business. To learn more about how Terminix can help you, or to get your FREE Pest Evaluation, visit or call 1. 866.766.7628 today.

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